Since 1965, The Portuguese-Amercian Federation has been advancing the charitable, educational, and cultural causes of the Portuguese-American community.


The Portuguese Discovery Monument, located at Brenton Point State Park in Newport, Rhode Island, is the realization of Mr. Arthur Raposo's Dream. 


The Portuguese-American Federation offers annual academic scholarships to the family members of our organization.


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At the Portuguese-American Federation, we take great pride in the past and present contributions of the Portuguese-American Community. As descendants of the Portuguese, we recognize the contributions of our ancestors to western civilization in language, art, science and technology, and the Age of Discovery that took scores of explorers and settlers from a small nation in Western Europe, to every corner of the world.  As Americans, we integrate our cultural uniqueness into our communities all across our nation and contribute as proud citizens to the advancement of the great United States of America. Today, Portuguese-Americans can be found at the highest levels of music, art, literature, science, professional sports, business, and politics, holding elected offices in the United States Congress, and scores more at the State and Local levels of government. 



We invite all persons and organizations of Portuguese or non-portuguese descent, 18 years or older, and who are interested in the aims and purposes of the portuguese-american federation to join us. 

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To advance the charitable, educational, and cultural causes of the Portuguese-American community.

Our Mission:

"Arms and the Heroes, who from Lisbon's Shore,

​Thro' Seas where sail was never spread before,"

- Luís de Camões, The Lusiads (1572)


Serving the Portuguese-American Community Since 1965